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We're developing a massively distributed web service that will communicate with individual residences and offices all over the world, gathering more than 20,000 data points regarding the structure’s thermal performance and from advanced 'Smart Analytics' can help reduce heating, cooling and overall power consumption by more than 50% by automating adjustments on the occupants behalf.

While the above services are aimed towards the individual consumer, these services also provide energy distributors and grid operators demand response, forecasting and measurement services - example: imagine a service that can over time learn and predict the power consumption of all the residences in Southern California and based upon the historical behaviors adjust the distribution to and from the grid on-demand instantaneously based upon different elements such as weather, temperature, load, etc. In the event of a possible failure of the grid the service can also help to balance (stager) consumption from it's consumers to decrease the load on the grid during peak times.

The company has raised it's first significant round of financing from reputable institutional investors and has several revenue generating customers, including a $4 billion energy producer here in the United States. They've received significant interest in overseas/foreign energy producers and grid operators.

Job Summary
We're seeking a MySQL Database/Systems Admin to join our software engineering/IT team. Our system consists of high transaction OLTP database and high volume data warehouse in a hosted environment. Successful candidate must be a self-starter, problem solver and team player.

- Build and manage highly scalable OLTP database and data warehouse

- Design and maintain data model for our SaaS applications on Linux platform

- Scale up the databases through clustering and data partitioning for rapid growth in transactions and volume

- Optimize databases through:

1) Database systems configurations
2) Refining data model
3) SQL tuning

- Support and advise software engineers in areas related to database systems

- Establish efficient processes for database archiving and data rotation from transaction-based database to data warehouse

- Adopt effective technologies for high availability, fail-over and security

- Assist in systems and network administration for the SaaS system

Experience Required
- 5+ yrs industry experience

- Hands-on experience in:

1) Database administration, tuning & optimization
2) SQL tuning & optimization
3) Data modeling
4) MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Oracle on Linux/Unix platform
5) High-volume OLTP, data warehousing
6) Database clustering, data partitioning

- Linux/Unix systems administration & server configuration

- Experience in database systems security

- Working knowledge in networking protocols and firewalls

- Data center operations experience a plus

Required Education
Computer Science of Equivalent.

Please Email Matthew Allen for more details: mallen@verticalmove.com

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