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MySQL & Hadoop talk at Oracle Open World

I recently gave a talk about importing and exporting data between MySQL and Hadoop at Oracle Open World.  Here are the slides for that talk:


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Ning Tech Talk on MySqL - Date Correction

Apologies for the scheduling conflict but the date has moved to the 20th of July.


Save the date: July 20, 2011

RSVP here: Ning-Tech-Talks

There have been many database infrastructure changes through Ning’s history since the company began in 2004. Our most recent, and hopefully final, database iteration is running on MySQL.  Over…


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How We Implemented & Currently Maintain MySQL on the Ning Platform

MySQL Ning Meetup Coming Soon


Save the date: July 20, 2011

RSVP here: Ning-Tech-Talks


There have been many database infrastructure changes through Ning’s history since the company began in 2004. Our most recent, and hopefully final, database iteration is running on MySQL.  Over the past year we’ve designed and implemented a stable and highly…


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Comparing MySQL Statement-Based and Row-Based Replication

There are many ways you can replicate MySQL data, whether it be a simple two-node cluster, chain or master/master. This article explains the two types of data replication (Statement-Based Replication and Row-Based Replication) available in MySQL.…


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MySQL Workbench - Top 13 things you should know

MySQL Workbench has come a long way and keeps getting better! I honestly don't think that millage may vary on this one as it is one of the best no-cost GUI tools created for MySQL.

I've always been pro command line for MySQL administration; however, there have always been powerful GUI tools that can aid administration,…


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Call for Participation - OSCON 2011

Submit a Proposal to Speak at OSCON



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KSCOPE11 - ODTUG Conference June 2011

Hey everyone,

I always attend the O'REILLY MySQL Conference in April every year, but this year found another interesting conference that brings both Oracle and MySQL users together, KSCOPE11. This will be the second year with a dedicated MySQL track at Kscope11. There will be a clear focus on providing both developers and DBAs the right information,…


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Simple Automation - Examining your MySQL Index Usage

I have a new article posted on the Database Journal...

- Abstract -

In the majority of MySQL systems, the schema is always updated and changed based on the needs and focus of the application, making it somewhat difficult to keep up with all of the changes that come down the pipe.…


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Ning is looking for Talented People

Hi Friends

I wanted to let you know that my employer Ning is Hiring!
Ning is the largest platform in the world for creating your own custom social network. It's an exciting time to be a part of Ning since we recently decided to focus 100% of the energy of the company on our…

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Call for participation - MySQL Conference 2011

Gear up for the 2011 MySQL Conference!

Get your presentations submitted soon, Call closes 11:59pm 10/25/2010 PDT. …


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MySQL Enterprise Dashboard - It's Cool!

I've been using MySQL Enterprise Monitor for some time now and have seen it grow from a somewhat clunky (ALPHA version) to a scalable and robust monitoring system. The MySQL Enterprise Monitor makes my job easier in a… Continue

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MySQL HA Presentation from Oracle's MySQL Sunday

MySQL Sunday at Oracle's Open world was a huge success given that it was MySQL's first year at the conference. I had a lot of fun and even a little excitement when a shirt caught fire during my presentation.

Just added a video to the site for MySQL High Availability. Check it out here if you missed it at MySQL Sunday, also, you can get the slides in PDF format… Continue

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MySQL Sunday - Oracle Open World

The first ever MySQL Sunday is coming soon to the Bay Area. There are plenty of great speakers with new and interesting material to choose from. Come join us at Oracle's Open World conference and make sure to check out the MySQL Sunday page.

This is going to be a great event that you don't want to miss!

Have a great day and see you there.


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Hadoop for MySQL people

There's a lot of buzz lately about Hadoop. If you're completely new to Hadoop, I recommend the free videos from Cloudera (http://www.cloudera.com/resources/?type=Training). If you have a vague idea and want to play around, it's easy!

First, download Cloudera's training VM which has a small Hadoop cluster already installed and running:…

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Using slide:ology colors in Entrance

In this note I'll show how to use the color palettes in "slide:ology" by Nancy Duarte (those of us who spoke at the MySQl Conference received it as a nice gift from O'Reilly).

Step 1 is to download Entrance Community edition from our web site: http://dbentrance.com/. You need JRE 1.6 or better and access to a MySQL server to run it. Simply unzip the download and start the program with "java -jar…

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Entrance at MySQL User Conference 2010

We will be demonstrating Entrance Community version in booth 525 at the MySQ User Conference in Santa Clara. Stop by the booth and be sure to mention 'everythingmysql'.

Entrance is a desktop application for drawing charts using data in MySQL databases. If you know a little SQL, browse the documentation page for our PLOT command:…

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Chris is speaking at the MySQL 2010 Conference

I'll be presenting two talks this year:

Faster Than Alter - Less Downtime

"This will be a informative talk about real world problem solving and the powerful yet sometimes overlooked LOAD DATA INFILE command. This talk is for MySQL DBAs who want to expand their

knowledge, improve performance and decrease customer facing downtime"…


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Sarah speaking at the 2010 MySQL User Conference

I'll be giving 2 talks this year. Here's a quick description:

Want Faster Queries?

Fixing slow queries is often very easy if you know what to look for and it can give huge performance gains. In this talk I'll cover common SQL mistakes, how to identify "bad" queries, indexing techniques, using EXPLAIN to verify execution plan, etc.…


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Grant check for query analyzer

While working with the MySQL Enterprise Dashboard I found a small problem when trying to use the Query Analyzer. The test server I am running on had a user used by the dev team that had the following privileges:



GRANT SELECT on `mysql`.`proc` TO… Continue

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MySQL Meetup Group - Back in the Bay!

The recently revived MySQL Meetup group had its first meeting. A big thanks to Venu Anuganti, our host and Schooner our sponsor. If anyone is interested in joining the fun please check out the Meetup.com site here.

During our first meetup we went over basic MySQL topics including configuration, performance tuning, locking, along with running MySQL in the cloud. All in all it was a well done… Continue

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