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Sears Holdings Corporation/ServiceLive.com-Sr. MySQL DBA Opportunity

Options in order of preference:

1-Work based out of State St. office in Chicago (will relocate candidate)

2-Work based out of Bay Area office (will relocate candidate)


Job Description We are looking for a MySQL DBA to join the ServiceLive development team. You will be part of a highly motivated team working to create a platform that connects people who need services (paint your house, walk your dog, etc.) with providers who perform those services. The ideal candidate should have a positive can-do attitude, is not always satisfied with the status-quo, and has the drive and the ability to take themselves, the team, and the product to the corresponding next levels of quality and success on a relentless basis. This individual must be comfortable working in a fast-paced Agile development environment with aggressive deadlines.
Responsibilities/Skills/Experience Requirements Responsibilities/skills/experience requirements:
• Research and explore other database alternatives (mysql cluster/max, etc.).
• Make sure that tables are optimized and analyzed to ensure the best performance possible.
• Keep the developers up to speed on the changes that occur with each release of the database.
• Help communicate with the developers the impact changes have on the database. ie: adding columns and indexes. How/when should they be done to have the least affect on the Web sites.
• Assist in the design of separate read/write servers to help in performance.
• Create/Maintain/Test mySQL master/slave replication both on the ecash side and the Web sites.
• Research and deploy "fine tuning" methods to increase the performance of the server without having to spend more on hardware.
• Assist in creating a new set of database users to aide in better logging of errors along with better overall security.
• Assist with backups of data.
• Create a test routine to ensure backups are working in the result of a failure.
• Aid in database creation/analysis.
• Assist in create ad-hoc reports to keep the developers focused on new business development and maintenance.
• Work with hosting and development groups to create the process to gracefully failover to our disaster recovery site.
• Install, configure, manage and maintain multiple MySQL servers and databases.
• Perform appropriate back-up, restoration and upgrades of database servers.
• Perform database health monitoring and diagnostics.
• Work with development teams for performance tuning and optimization, query optimization, index tuning, caching and buffer tuning.
• Work with development teams to introduce and control structural changes to databases.
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
• Ability to work well with both business and technical partners
• Creative approach to problem solving, innovation and issue resolution.
• Superior interpersonal skills and the ability to collaborate actively and proactively with others in a cross-functional team.
• Self-motivated and self-managed with a high degree of analytical ability and intellectual curiosity.
• Able to set and meet specific external and internal deadlines, and follow through with quality work products.
• Expert in SQL (including MySQL-specific use)
• Experience in DB backup, recovery, and optimization techniques
• Experience with high volume MySQL database administration
• Experience in administration of InnoDB and MyISAM table types
• Troubleshooting and problem resolution skills with MySQL
• Strong communication skills for interaction with other teams and departments
• Experience with MySQL replication (multi-master, master-slave)
• Experience specifically with Linux/MySQL administration (network, file system, memory and performance)
• Oracle experience
Minimum Years Experience 2 - 5 Years Experience
Preferred Minimum Education Bachelors Level Degree

Feel free to send resumes and/or referrals to: travis.huggins@searshc.com

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