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Exciting opportunity for experienced, motivated, MySQL Database Administrator capable of working independently to both support a team of developers and to maintain best practices, SLA requirements and improve scalability of database systems. Must be able to easily communicate with both the technical development team and business end users. Must be able to understand the details of core business processes. Will work with remote colleagues. Data and business needs must be more important than technology. Listening and communicating will be more important than talking.

Do you love working with lots of data? Do you enjoy data modeling? Do you like seeing a query run 100 times faster? Do you like being a part of new initiatives? This is a great opportunity to come into an exciting company at an exciting time.


  • Experience with relational database physical design, performance tuning and capacity planning especially on MySQL based environments
  • Knowledge of other database systems is a plus
  • Knowledge and experience with scaling up MySQL
  • Data Warehouse experience and knowledge of DW modeling best practices
  • Knowledge and experience with partitioning
  • Practical experience designing databases using standard practices in OLTP and OLAP environments
  • Continually look to improve database performance.
  • Perform database health monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Assist developers to be more productive and also properly maintain database best practices
  • Support developers with SQL queries
  • Work with development teams to introduce and control structural changes to databases.
  • Design, plan and oversee disaster recovery mechanisms
  • Plan and oversee database upgrades.
  • Install, configure, manage and maintain multiple MySQL servers and databases.
  • Design and oversee appropriate back-up and recovery processes
  • Work with development teams for performance tuning and optimization, query optimization, index tuning, caching and buffer tuning.
  • Recommend data model enhancements that support the business requirements
  • Fully understand business data model
  • Assist in enterprise data modeling
  • Minimum 5 years experience

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