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KSCOPE11 - ODTUG Conference June 2011

Hey everyone,

I always attend the O'REILLY MySQL Conference in April every year, but this year found another interesting conference that brings both Oracle and MySQL users together, KSCOPE11. This will be the second year with a dedicated MySQL track at Kscope11. There will be a clear focus on providing both developers and DBAs the right information, tools and best practices within MySQL, emphasizing scalability and performance.

I'll be presenting "MySQL HA Possibilites" at KSCOPE11 next June.

This talk will cover high availability techniques, sharding fundamentals, third party technologies, and how to decrease the likelihood of system outages

* High availability overview and terms
* Scale up and scale out
* Levels of availability
* Failover mechanisms you should consider with replication (i.e. keepalived, heartbeat)
* Hardware specifications to consider
* DRBD, Heartbeat, and MySQL
* MySQL Cluster

Hope to see you there!


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